Business English English lessons for children Online classes in small groups

General English Classes

Most adult students follow a General English programme.

We develop your English with a variety of everyday themes, such as:

  • Food
  • Holidays
  • Sport
  • Films
  • Technology
  • The environment
  • Hobbies
  • The news

If you want to speak about these or other general themes of your choice, this could be the programme for you. We will adapt and personalise the programme if you wish.

Do you want to do more speaking? More listening? More reading? More writing? Again, your teacher will personalise your English classes for you. Our objective is to produce confident and happy English users.

Grammar, the essential structure of a language, is normally taught as an integrated part of the classes – you practice the grammar in the context of a theme rather than do boring and repetitive exercises. For example, imagine you are studying a past tense. Your class may be about holidays and your teacher will ask you to practice talking in the past by describing your most interesting holiday, your last holiday, etc. You are practising and learning with real situations.

Our online platform makes it possible for your teacher to share stimulating and modern videos to practice listening skills, or online magazines or newspapers to practice reading skills.

Is it also possible for you to combine a General English programme with Business English or English for exam preparation. For example, many students who use their English in business want general themes too and it is useful for students taking examinations to be able to understand and express themselves on General English themes too.

We offer both one-to-one and group programmes, so please contact us to have more information and speak with one of our experienced staff, who will help you select the correct programme for you.

Business English English lessons for children Online classes in small groups